Awards Committee + Hall of Fame
Chair: Mike Erickson and Larry McManus

Policy Resolutions and Bylaws
Chair: (P) Larry McManus and Dale Fortin

Finance & Audit Committee
Chair: (S/T) Mike Erickson and Todd Langland

Membership Committee
Chair: (VP) Ryan Badten and Jay Johnson

Newsletter/Website Committee
Chair: Ryan Badten and Mike Cook

Nominations Committee
Chair: (PP) Fred Snoderly and Tim Taggart

Planning, Program & Education Committee
Chair: (P-E) Valerie Keller and Melissa Fahy

Scholarship Committee (frmd 07-08)
Chair: Karen Weeldreyer(2009), Fred Snoderly (2015), Todd Langland (2011), Melissa Fahy, Dustin Hansen (2014)

Program Committees
Spring SW Opertors’ Course – Watertown, March 28-30, 2017
Val Keller, Melissa Fahy, Mike Boerger

Annual Meeting – Mitchell Ramada, September 26-28, 2017
Val Keller, Melissa Fahy, Kevin Roth

Forward planning:
2017 Spring – Watertown   —–2017 Annual – Mitchell
2018 Spring – Sturgis  ——–2018 Annual – Pierre
2019 Spring – Aberdeen   —— 2019 Joint Annual – Bismarck